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We are a unique bipartisan government affairs and public relations firm. Although we are headquartered across the street from the US Capitol, our work occurs daily across time zones and continents. We work at the highest levels of Washington, but our accomplishments span the globe. Others provide you access. We provide you influence.

Ari Mittleman, Founder

For nearly a decade, Ari held various senior roles with a US Senator.

Using skills perfected on the American campaign trail, he now assists international and domestic clients with best practices for engaging key American stakeholders to run the most effective advocacy and public relations campaigns.

Congressional foreign policy leaders and international reporters regularly seek his counsel.  Ari has built deep personal and professional relationships with business, government and community leaders across Pennsylvania and across the United States.  He understands the nexus of politics, policy and the press.

Ari is self taught and conversant in Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian.  He has a deep understanding of the Balkan reconstruction and reconciliation process having lived and worked in the region. He is the Publisher of Balkan Insider, the only morning newsletter covering the region.

Ari formally studied Hebrew for nine years.

Ari is the author of Paths of the Righteous: Stories of Heroism, Humanity and Hope.

He graduated Cum Laude with Honors from the George Washington University and obtained a Masters in Public Administration from the Fels Institute of Government of the University of Pennsylvania.

He was founding board chairman of the award winning St. Bernard Project in Chalmette, Louisiana. He is an active volunteer with inner city Baltimore-based Thread and works locally and nationally with the Alzheimer’s Association

Ari Mittleman Founder KSAdvocacy